Mast Base (Power-Joint)


Mast Base (Power-Joint)


Nautix Power-joint mast base is the benchmark in terms of resistance and durability.
- Recommended for Wave (provides the best chock absorber between rig and board). 
- Suitable for mast extensions with universal axle system. 

Universal axle system :
The universal axle system (also called North or pin) is mostly used in Europe. Easy to handle, its gives a good connection between the sail and the board. Nevertheless, it must be verified more regularly than a push pin system.

Nautix mast bases are the benchmark in terms of reliability. Our bases are produced with high-quality composite materials. Moreover, a precise assembly allows increased durability.  

Technical features of Nautix power-joint mast base with universal axle system :
- Designed to connect the board and the rig by being fixed on a standard rail.
- Can be adapted to almost all the boards of the market. 
- Delivered with 2 squares nuts.
- Equiped with a flexible "Shock Absorber" washer (reduction of vibration and point load, without altering the slip of your board).

Nautix has developed 3 diferent types of mast base for a better adaptation to your navigation style : Tendon-jointMechanical-joint / Power-joint.

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