Used Neilpryde Ryde HD 7.5 (2018)


Used Neilpryde Ryde HD 7.5 (2018)


RYDE 2018 - Freeride

Discover your first planing, jibes and waterstarts, or ride for hours hooked in the harness lines on perfect at waters; the Ryde has been designed to offer great low-end power and stability for early planing and controlled maneuvers. Easy to rig and trim, the Ryde delivers immediate pleasure with no constrains while retains the NeilPryde performance signature feeling. No Stress / Easy Rider Low to medium wind range, not overpowered, easy to rig and trim.


  • Available in two constructions: full HD construction or light weight construction using ArmourWeb only in the bottom, clew and luff area

  • One mast and boom fit all sizes. (430 Mast/160 Boom)

  • Dynamic Compact Clew: Helping the twist to be progressive for optimum draft control and stability.

  • Medium Foot Cut for optimum balance between easy maneuvers and performance.

  • Hybrid Luff Curve creating good lift while maintaining a stable profile when overpowered.

  • ARDM recommended from 5.5 up to 6.5 sizes


With a shorter boom and higher cut foot than the Hellcat, the Ryde perfectly combines Freemove and Freeride characteristics. Six battens and the Dynamic Compact Clew make it fast and controllable in straight lines with a wide windrange that provides a truly fun freeriding experience.


Tyson Poor:

“Fun for everyone!”

Sarah-Quita Offringa:

“Pure and simple. Secures success in any session!”

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